Revolutionary design

Looking for unique products for your hotel, restaurant or wine club? That will give your guests a whole new experience? As a Dutch Designer company we offer you an exclusive selection of top class products. All of our products are designed by young czech designer Martin Jakobsen. Produced in the Czech Republic and made of the finest materials.

For more information please contact VINICE directly: Steven Ryan, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Or one of our local distributors in Dubai, Hong Kong & Macau, India, Lebanon or Qatar.

Halm lemonade & cocktail

Shake it - taste it - enjoy your lemonade! Halm brings you to the world of fantasy. Halm means a straw. Since now it is also an expression for an innovative lemonade glass.

Ois espresso

Espresso? Enjoy it from the cup which becomes an indispensable part of your table setting. Timeless design that combines luxurious materials.

KarPPi & Himo

The jug and water glass which fit into the rEvolution collection. Attractive and organic design resembles the shape of a fish and water drop.

Fino decanter

The simple design requires a strong idea. Moreover, if it is sexy then it is also an epitome of perfection. Fino is a decanter for water and wine which complements the rEvolution collection.